Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October's Project Pink is ending

The official end to Project Pink is today but don't worry if you're still working, Jennifer has said she'll continue to accept these blocks for now so we won't set a firm deadline for all the blocks to be received - yet.

However, this is one of our short term project so you'll want to finish up and maybe get back to making some of our red and blue standard blocks before the next special project comes up. The mailing address for pink blocks can be found at this link.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll continue to update our online album as more tops and quilts are completed.

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Bingo~Bonnie said...

I love the slide show of the pink/white quilts for Breast Cancer Awarness month! What a great project!!

I have collected 27 blocks from the Sunshine quilters of the HGTV board that are all pink/white. Please let me know when to send them and to who.

I also have 45 red string center blocks and 18 blue string center blocks that the Sunshine Quilters made as well that I can mail at the same time.

Thanks Sue & Mary for all you do in keeping us going!!

Love from Texas! ~Bonnie