Monday, September 24, 2007

HeartStrings Information Sheet

For those of you working with groups or spreading the word about the HeartStrings Quilt Project, we have a new one page information sheet that you can print and distribute. It contains some brief information about the project and the web addresses to our sites.

HeartStrings Information Sheet (PDF file)

Thanks to Kathy for requesting an information sheet and spurring me on to create one! Of the 3 HeartStrings quilts featured, the red HeartStrings quilt was made and donated by Pam and the other two were assembled from group blocks at the MN/WI area sew-in's and quilted by me.

I added a permanent link on the sidebar so it can easily be found when needed.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Peace by Piece Quilters

Nancy from Peace by Piece Quilters at St Mary's Episcopal Church in Manchester, CT sent this completed top for our recent Purple Project. She reports that group members are finishing up a Red HeartStrings top and have plans to work on blocks for October's Project Pink too.

She reports "there is such a 'buzz' at church about the Heartstring quilts! I even have a bulletin board set up for our projects and will be posting your website for people to refer to."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sneak Preview for October

Since we've been having so much fun with our special projects, we're going to do another just for the month of October. In conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness month we're going to make blocks for quilts that will be assembled and donated to Breast Cancer patients.

There are two options for blocks that will be sent in for group quilts. First option is all Pink and White strings without a designated center string. Second option is a Pink center string with all other colors filling out the remainder of the block.

Guidelines with examples of the above options can be found (and printed) on the website.

Come join us for October's Project Pink.

We continue to work on assembling quilts from our Chinese Coins and Purple Projects. As always, we accept blocks made according to our standard guidelines at all times. Please email us for the address to send these blocks as it may be different than those sent in for our special projects.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A couple more Purple Project Quilts

Lynn Dykstra emailed me photos of these two quilts today and wrote: "Here are my two projects--the small one went to a baby whose mother and grandmother were very ill during the pregnancy, and the larger one went to our block party raffle for the local food pantry--made $544.00!"

HeartStrings quilts have been donated to individuals and organizations but it's wonderful seeing one being used as a fund raiser. Thanks for sharing Lynn!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Purple Project is over

If you haven't already, please mail your Purple Project blocks within the next couple weeks. If you need the address or have a photo to share of your quilt, please email me.

To see Purple Project tops and quilts already completed click on the album below

Purple Project