Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adopt a Soldier

Fran, a HeartStrings member posted this request for help back in January.

A few weeks ago I pulled out the blocks from our summer block swap in anticipation of my son coming home from Iraq I started a quilt for him. The Family Readiness Coordinator from his unit explained that single soldiers come back from deployment to sterile looking rooms in the barracks, therefore upon arrival they like to make the rooms nice for the soldiers and they are allowed to have personal bedding. Most parents will adopt their own soldier and send bedding that will be put on the bed including comforters etc. I am making my son a quilt.

Because not every soldier has family or one that is in a position to provide one I am looking for r/w/b twin quilts for those who don't get adopted. I am expecting to be in Savannah end of March to meet them. These guys have passed the one year mark and it will be 15 months by the time they get back! (This is infantry so all guys)

With help, Fran was able to provide 27 quilts to returning soldiers and wrote:

I wish I had a picture of every soldier that was given a gift but so many so fast! You will see on their faces that it made their day. We gave every soldier that received a quilt a thank you, a quilt and welcome home. The young men who received the quilts did not have anyone there for them personally. It made my day, week, year! I hope all of you feel the same we all did something for someone who risked their lives! Again thanks everyone. Fran