Monday, May 7, 2007

Helping those in need

Sue Frank, one of our project coordinators, is encouraging HeartStrings Quilters to send finished quilts to those so devastated by the tornado in Kansas.

She wrote:
Our goal is to make and donate quilts and get them to who ever need them ASAP . I followed Jennifer's suggestion and called directly to a church near Greensburg . I spoke to a lady at the church - a fellow quilter and the church is helping the tornado survivors . There are over 300 people taking shelter in the church .

ANYONE that has a quilt to donate can send to the church and she will be sure it goes right to someone that needs it . She said they have little kids there that have hardly slept since Saturday because they lost their blankies in the storm. Any size and style is welcome .

Sue asks that anyone sending HeartStrings Quilts, writes HeartStrings Quilt Project on the box so Jeanne will know where they're coming from.

Haviland United Methodist Church
322 N Main St
Haviland Kansas 67059
Attn : Jeanne Sneed / HeartStrings

The first 4 quilts pictured above were sent out today quickly followed by another HeartStrings quilt sent by Rebecca in Maine along with 5 other quilts and a knitted baby blanket.


Helen in the UK said...

What a great idea to support people in need :)

Joanne said...

I'm sending one out today that I finished in March. This was a great idea, Sue.

Anonymous said...

Great idea and I have two quilts done and am sending them out today. And I'm tell everyone I know to do the same. I'm off to the Post Office.

swooze said...

What size are this quilts on average?

Anonymous said...

My guild, Olde Kent Quilt Guild, Chestertown, MD, makes and donates baby quilts in the MD/DE area. We have had an extraordinary supply this year, and will forward six baby quilts and two afghans to the Kansas church the Monday after Mother's Day. Hope they can bring some love and comfort to the tornado survivors. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Nancy Caldwell

Anonymous said...

Hi, all --

I packed up five quilts to send to Kansas and will mail them this morning. One of them is a string quilt ("Experimental Strings"). The others are an example of why I have finished quilts on hand for some occasion -- this is such an occasion.

The shipment does deplete my stock of finished quilts. I've GOT to get some of those tops quilted!


Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm sending a child size quilt out to KS today, do I send the pic to you or just upload myself? Thanks!

Jan Dunaway

Anonymous said...

Will send childs quilt ready
to go when I can get to the Post Office.

Fran (SW suburbs of Chgo)

Anonymous said...

I posted the message on my local quild's website. I am mailing 3 small quilts and 4 soft stuffed animals for the kids tomorrow.
The tornado damage here wasn't as bad. There were about 6 homes destroyed outside of Yankton. Aberdeen is 3/4 flooded and that is flat land too. I haven't heard anything yet on needs there yet.
Dee in Yankton, SD

Anonymous said...

I have 4 quilts that I will mail to the church in Haviland, Kansas
tomorrow. These are some of the ones that Ronald McDonald House
wouldn't take because they were too thank goodness I had them
in my pile and ready to go.
I'll probably have some more ready for next week. I'm going to send
out an email to the members of my guild and see if I can get a few more
sent that way.

Tracey in ct

Anonymous said...

I'm sewing on labels tonight and will mail out 2 Heartstrings quilts,
a Tribbles, and two small quilts about the size for a dolly. I have
stuffed bears to go with them. One of the Heartstrings was promised
to Fran's charity, but she wrote she would rather see it go to
Kansas. These quilts are one's I've assembled and quilted from your (donated HeartStrings) blocks, so you are all sending quilts to Kansas. My DH said he would help take a few quick pictures before we seal the box. It took an extra day as I wanted to wash them all so they would be cuddly immediately. Mary, please add 5 more to the list. Becky in KCMO

Anonymous said...

I have 3 small quilts, 1 lap and 2 baby, to post out tomorrow. I am
not active yet in making the string blocks/quilts but must get things going, for local fire victims. Will get the information about this site to my quilt group in the fall.

Jan in MI

Anonymous said...

This afternoon I mailed 9 quilts to Kansas for the tornado
victims. Two were made by Jeanne in CA, quilted by Rhonda in WI and
bound/labeled by me. The other 7 were from a member of my local
guild. She had 7 baby/toddler/children's quilts ready to go and put
them in the box too. They should arrive on Friday or Sat. according
to our post-master.

Now to get to more sewing.

Kathy in WI

Anonymous said...

we are a small group of quilters outside of ALbany, NY called the Quilting Friends. we are sending quilts to Kansas. We only do quilts for those in need.

Anonymous said...

Is there still a need for quilts? Seems like you've had a great response already. I have a couple quilts around twin size but sometimes there becomes enough and didn't want to overwhelm anyone if they had reached their saturation point.

Nancy E said...

I also can send some for the tornado victims.... our church group will be helping out in July and Aug. Are you set with Kansas quilts? Is there another project you have specifics on? I'd like to let the ladies know where the blocks/quilt tops will be going to.
Nancy in CT

Anonymous said...

I have many quilts many sizes none that are baby sizes as of yet are you still needing quilts. I am only making them for those in need not for sale.
Please let me know as I am a one woman band.

Hope in Vermontville,NY

Anonymous said...

Looking for QuiltingKath near Albany, NY to see if their group has a need for new, good quality, cotton fabrics. If you get this, please send message to
thanks. I have loads of fabric I am ready to part with and would love to know it's put to good use.

Anonymous said...

have wanted to donate material for quilting to New Orleans quilters for some anyone?