Friday, April 20, 2007

A Team Effort

Melva's first HeartStrings top quilt by Cher

At the start of the project Melva was one of the first to have a top completed and ready to send off to a volunteer quilter. This one was quilted by Cher and donated to Wrap them in Love. Melva was also the first to create the HeartStrings *logo* quilt - it was her 2nd one for the HeartStrings Project.

She soon wrote us that she had her husband Guy making string blocks along with her and posted photo's of her 3rd and 4th HeartString tops.

In a recent email she wrote ....I got the HandiQuilter set up and have one quilt quilted...have another all loaded but haven't had a chance to work on it this week...We have done 5 tops plus the one that Cher quilted. I have a group of blocks ready to send to SueF...and did make some Chinese Coins I'll probably send on also...just need to get the 5 I have, done. Then can start more blocks.

And here are a couple more finished tops.


ForestJane said...

They all look great... :)

In fact, I was going down the pictures, trying to choose the one I liked the best, to comment on, and couldn't pick a favorite. :D

Helen in the UK said...

All these quilts are wonderful. Particularly like the last one because of the dramatic setting :)