Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Quilt Club

Kathy, one project member, decided to use the HeartStrings Quilt Project as inspiration for her daughter's quilt club.

She told us that "the string blocks are going to be great for teaching 1/4" seams, pressing, etc. and we're going to be doing red, white and blue blocks."

"In five weeks my daughter and her friends have worked on their heartstring blocks. They are all doing a great job...and having fun to boot! They have completed 42 blocks with blue centers...I've done one!!! So, I will make the additional 5 blocks this week and hopefully get it all put together. They are as proud of themselves and each other as I am of them!"

As you can see from the finished top below, Kathy managed to make the last few blocks and assemble their first quilt top. Didn't they do a wonderful job?

Kathy tells us that the 3 of the girls in the club are 10 and the youngest is 8 years old. Now that they've completed their first HeartStrings blocks and quilt, next up will be a project of their own.


Megan said...

Kathy - please pass on my congratulations to 'your' girls. The quilt that you have all made together is sensational, simply sensational. Their commitment, dilligence and capacity to stick to task over a number of weeks is a credit to them. Well done.

Kathyb said...

Thanks Megan!!! Seeing their photo on The Blog is going to be the next big kick for them! I really can't tell you how proud of them I am. This week is spring break for all of them so we're going to go to a quilt show and then do an extended quilt day!! I'm excited!

Bonnie said...

The smiles on the girls faces says it ALL! Pictures are worth 1000 words (or more) and this is just so neat!


Bingo~Bonnie said...

Kathy - what a super cool mom you are to teach these girls about quilting and also the gift of giving!!! :) I think it is awesome they made their own R/W/B quilt to donate and am so happy that they are ready to make something else. Great job!!! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

patti in florida said...

kathy, what an accomplishment this little quilt club has managed. and they want to do more. i think it is wonderful. please give my congrats to all the girls and to yourself for stepping up to the plate. great job!

Sandra said...

GO GIRLS!!!! Another great story. I love this blog :-)